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Tallahassee Sigmas Educational Foundation

Motto: "Enriching Lives Through Academic Scholarships, Better Health and Economic Empowerment"
Mission: At the Tallahassee Sigmas Educational Foundation, Inc., our mission is to assist in the proactive development of the citizens in the greater Tallahassee area, through education, healthy solutions and economic enrichment.
Vision: To be a philanthropic leader in the greater Tallahassee community and beyond;
  • To assist students seeking higher educational opportunities, through scholarships and grants
  • To provide healthy options and solutions to empower Tallahassee citizens
  • To create a culture of economic wisdom for the greater good of Tallahassee and surrounding communities
  • To provide common, attainable solutions which evolve into community awareness
  • To be strategic and diverse in our market segments. 



Bro. James Marshall

Bro. Errick Farmer

Bro. Eddie Williams

Bro. Harris Wiltsher

Bro. Brian Gilbert

Bro. Don Tolliver

Bro. Reginald Dudley

Bro. Antonio Kilpatrick

Bro. Eric Jefferies

About the Foundation: In 2006, the Tallahassee Sigmas Educational Foundation, Inc. (TSEF) was founded for the purpose of becoming a solution and resource to the Tallahassee community and beyond. Within this short period of time, TSEF has continued to be stewards of the community by establishing a youth club, contributing to cancer research, and raising awareness for diabetes, by helping our community through scholarship grants and awards. We are living up to our sworn fraternal commitment to provide a "Culture for Service and Service for Humanity."


The foundation seeks to create, develop, and translate into functional realities:

(1) scholarship programs to benefit needy students with academic remediation if needed;

(2) health and education programs that focus on AIDS awareness, nutrition, dental hygiene, and general health supplementation, and

(3) economic enrichment which will assist in teaching and reinforcing ideals and methods of economic empowerment and self-development; and to purchase necessary materials for the benefit, use, and occupation of said Tallahassee Sigmas Educational Foundation, its members and constituents in developing and translating into functional realities the ideas of brotherhood, service, and scholarship, but not for profit.

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